Our Vision

Individuals and communities flourish when people take opportunities to serve others in the context of authentic relationship.

Our Mission

Northgate will inspireequip and empower individuals and communities to take action in ways that increase the holistic wellbeing of themselves and others.

We love to collaborate

NORTHCITY CHURCH generously shares their building with us and we are fortunate to run all our programmes from the building. Many of our volunteers come from the church.
The NORTH-WEST COLLECTIVE is made up of eight like-minded local organisations from Belfast, Shirley, Papanui and Bishopdale who provide services and programmes to their communities. We are committed to working together to strengthen our communities. We aim to be both caring and professional as we partner with our communities.

We rely on funding

Northgate generates much of its own income through donations form participants and generous people. However, it is also thankful for funding from organisations like: