Are you feeling frustrated with your computer knowledge??
Mike Gilligan is our computer guy who can help you navigate your way around some of this technology. First session starts Friday 21st October – time 10:30am. Bring your laptop if you have one.

Come along to Northcity Church on Friday mornings, 10 to 12pm – Lessons are FREE! 95a Sawyers Arms Road, Papanui

Phone 375 0850

You can be taught or helped with any of the following:

– Computer basics
– Using iPads or tablets,
– Setting up Facebook
– Using email
– Windows 10 woes
– How to use a SMART phone

In addition to this we will be starting the following computer training sessions;
· Windows 10 features you can disable
· Reliable ways to secure your social media accounts
· Examples of information you should never post on line
· How to increase the speed of your computer

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