To provide educational and health initiatives, social activities, practical support and pastoral care to those in our community – including the aged, families, youth, the disabled and disadvantaged. The programmes and services we offer are based around health and educational initiatives and community support.


The following values describe ways of working that we are committed to.  Behaving consistently with these values is critical to how our organisation functions in our community. We work together to align ourselves with our mission stated above.

Love our neighbour

  • Seek to understand our community and its needs and then respond with practical, pragmatic assistance wherever we can
  • Treat others with respect, honour, kindness and dignity
  • Build long term trusted and valued relationships within our local community
  • Use our resources to help strengthen individuals and families in our community
  • Value the unique perspectives, opinions and talents of others
  • Recognise and engage the contributions of both individuals and groups to achieve results

Act & engage with integrity

  • Be transparent, open and honest in all our activities and communications
  • Communicate with respect for others’ perspectives
  • Apply wisdom in and seek the truth in all matters
  • Value and encourage mentoring relationships that empower others
  • Take the initiative – be responsive, proactive, resourceful
  • Take responsibility – find a way to make things happen and maintain the highest degree of integrity in our processes and actions
  • Continue to learn and improve
  • Work collaboratively amongst ourselves and with others


The Northwest Collective is eight local organisations from Belfast, Shirley, Papanui and Bishopdale who provide services and programmes to their communities. We are committed to working together to strengthen our communities. We aim to be both caring and professional as we partner with our communities.

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