Post-mandate programme update

After the Government’s announcement that Vaccine Passes and mandates within certain areas of business can be dropped, Northgate Community Services Trust assessed the programmes that these affected.   

We have concluded that the Foot Clinic clients and volunteers are at no greater risk of contracting or spreading Covid-19 at the clinic than out in the community, therefore have dropped the Vaccine Pass and mandate for Close Contact Workers.  Our volunteers will still be required to wear a face mask or display their exemption.  We will also continue to distance our clinic chairs and have the room well ventilated. 

Kia Ora Community Meals will be restarting up on the 4th of May, and we will be able to gather and sit indoors again for a meal. We still are encouraging mask-wearing while people aren’t seated for eating and spacing between tables and good ventilation will also continue. 

Unfortunately, we do not currently have anyone to do the hairdressing that we used to offer. 

Our old Feel Good Friday programmes have ceased, but we hope to start up something new for our seniors again very soon. 

Zion is able to have their end of term concerts with a greater capacity limit and welcome all members of the public back to classes and concerts. 


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