Some programmes closed for now

Like most other organisations, the Covid-19 virus has had a huge impact on Northgate. Many of our programmes have had to close either as a result of our participants being unable to attend or due to volunteers being unavailable to serve. Nevertheless, we have tried our best to keep things as normal as possible so that people can still access the services we offer. Fortunately, our office staff has been largely unaffected.

We temporarily suspended our senior exercise classes for a period while we wait for this wave of Covid to pass. The classes, which usually take place on Friday mornings, will remain close for the time being. We hope to restart these again in the future once things have settled down. Unfortunately, some of our other Friday services, like our Cheap Haircuts, have also closed for the moment due to vaccination mandates.

People can still come in for computer support on a Friday morning and as always, everyone is more than welcome to stay for a cup of tea or coffee.

Our Foot Clinic, which provides basic foot care for the elderly and disabled, continues to run as usual. For many, this is an essential service and most of our participants continue to attend. With many of our volunteers affected in various ways, the remaining volunteers often carry a huge load to keep the service going.

Our food programmes continue as usual and we are still able to provide our regular food boxes to the community. Due to a lack of volunteers, our community meals are unable to proceed at the moment, but we try to provide some food in place of the meal for people to pick up. Regular attendees get a text on Wednesday morning, to which they can reply if they are in need of food. Visitors who walk through the door during the week, needing food, can still pick up a pre-prepared meal as usual.

Our community cafe, Big Pappa’s Kitchen, unfortunately, has also been affected by Covid and the vaccination mandates. Even though the cafe has had to close, we were fortunate to be able to do some upgrades to our kitchen. The Extraction and Ventilation System, now almost complete, will allow us to install a hood and commercial cooking equipment once more funding becomes available.

Regardless of what Covid may throw at us, one thing is for certain and that is that young people still want to dance. Our Hiphop dance school has continued offerring classes throughout the term, even when class numbers have dwindled here and there.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support Northgate and our programmes. Please check for updates on our Facebook page, as things are bound to change with little notice.


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