Want to work in our Op Shop?

The touch

Do you think that you have the touch to make used things look beautiful and used people feel valuable? You may be just the right person to work in our Op Shop and be a light and a fragrance for Jesus Christ in our community.

The place

Our Op Shop is currently hidden away around the back of the church building but we are planning to move it to a more prominent place in the building close to the café so that we can create a space for people to come and hang out and build friendships, while they browse through the clothes or share a cheese roll over a coffee. So watch this space…

The roles

We need a team leader who can oversee the team that will run the Op Shop, as well as shop assistants who want to come and work for one day a week or even just for a few hours. We are of course grateful when people want to volunteer their time to help too.

Team Leader role summary

Shop assistant role summary

The hours

The Op Shop is currently only open three days a week, but we would love to see it open all week. The team leader role will start off with 25 hours per week but can grow into a full-time role as the Op Shop grows.


Come and have a chat with André or email him at andre@northgatetrust.co.nz, or speak to anyone on the Northgate Team.

And how about working in our café?

We are also looking for someone to run the cafe and lead a hospitality team and for some café assistants. If you think this might be you, please come and talk to us.